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Replace all your People Spreadsheets with the PDW HR Application


PDW HR is a powerful online HR software application (HRIS) to help you to manage your employee records & activities. We know how frustrating it can be to have to manage different types of information between all of those spreadsheets & emails, so that’s why we created PDW HR to help support your day to day people management needs.


Paperless & Centralised

PDW HR makes paper redundant, and centralises all your people & policy information across all your locations to be just one click away.

Users can then access, edit, manage and take action on a whole range of information from any device, anywhere in the world.


Self Service

Reduce the pressure on the central HR function by allowing users to manage so much of their own information, quickly and easily.

Provide an easy 'onboarding' experience for new employees joining the business, whilst reducing administration time for the central HR team.



Centrally customisable in terms of logos, colours and layout so as to fit with the spirit and branding of your organisation


Controlled Access

Accessible by all, allowing each user to see only what they need to see, with permissions and access levels set centrally by nominated administrators.


Auto alerts

Ensure users never miss another HR deadline, whether its information updates, birthdays or performance reviews, PDW HR provides auto email alerts to notify users what they need to do, and by when


Simple & Accurate reporting

Professionally presented and effective reporting at the touch of a button, with a standard reporting suite, and options to add new reports tailored to your organisation


Additional Modules

With PDW Core HR, You can easily add these modules as options….


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